Like White Moonlight

A_single_white_feather_closeupLike White Moonlight 

Like white moonlight, your skin emulates the softness of your soul

Tears through the sky, you will not yield

They took your choice, you can not have it back

Like fresh snow, aching for the warm pavement

You burn through me, like sweet torture in the night

You hold, as if holding will stop your pain… It does not

Like the sun, you burn and blind the fools below

I am strong, holding strong against the wind

Your love is like the stars… Like string, you hold together the night

As I rise and fall to one knee, you grasp my shoulder, I have no fear

I unbind your past, and tell you beauty is near

Those that try to hold you back, are but phantoms of the mind

Like untamed clouds, they do their best to place a haze upon you

The sorted wings, they can not bind you

I looked to fly, longer than I knew

But do not pause, you shall come along

I’ll do what I must, and well I know the sort

Look to surrender, it’s better than you think

When said… When done… I look into your eyes

Our hands they mix, we walk the path in our own stride




2 Responses to “Like White Moonlight”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    what a wonderful read this morning….

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