Nicholas was from a poor family… Two older brothers, who were never around… A father who was none too kind to him, and a mother who took whatever abuse her husband had to give.

And now with his two older brothers out of high school, and moved in with one another across town, there was no one there to protect him from his father’s wrath.

Not that they were all that nice to him anyway.

A black haired 16 year old boy steps out of his ran down home holding a skate board… Yelling from his father could be heard from behind him as he slides his earphones into his ears.

His eyes are a soft blue, but with the black eyeliner sketched around them, they were piercing, and emotional.

As Nicholas makes his way to school, that feeling fills his gut… That same damn feeling he gets everyday as he enters into a world that is not his choosing.

High School…

Nicholas simply doesn’t fit in… With his mostly black clothing, skateboard under his arm, and black bangs over his eyes as he makes his way towards his book locker with his head down… Hoping that the local bullies don’t mess with him today.

“Phew,” he says under his breath as he reaches his locker.

But just as he does…

“OUCH!” some other kid was taking a beating at a locker 50 feet across from his.

Nicholas tries to ignore what he is seeing… What he has known so many times before.

But as he’s gotten a bit older, and a bit stronger, the bullies have been beginning to move on to fresher meat.

This one was a girl… With big black framed glasses, and bleached short spiked hair.

She’s never going to fit in here he thought to himself, as he tried to stay focused on getting his books out… His backpack within the locker was jammed, and he simply couldn’t get it out.

“Damn it!” He exclaimed.

And just as he was finally able to get it unlodged, he couldn’t believe what he did next.

Without thinking, using the momentum of the dislodged backpack, he had made his way towards one of the bullies…

And as the bully looked up, “WHAT THE HELL!!” he yelled as Nicholas’s full backpack found the bullies face, knocking him to the ground.


Nicholas sits alone outside the Principles Office…

His head down, and music blaring.

Dad’s going to kill me… But what does it matter… I’m already dead.

“Nicholas Ryme?” suddenly the squiky voice of the Principle’s Secretary spoke out of an opening door.

Nicholas looks up, his blue eyes peering at her… Even with his music blaring, he could hear that voice.


As Nicholas skates his way home, he thinks of the ‘firm lecturing’ provided by his Principle.

What a horrid fellow he thinks to himself.

And as he arrives at his home, all is quiet… Which means one of two things… His father is napping… Or his mother is bruised, and making dinner as his father’s napping.

Let her be ok he thinks to himself as he makes his way inside.


PICTURE CREDIT – Which Anime Emo


5 Responses to “Nicholas”

  1. Gripping and memorable in it’s woefulness.

    • Thank you Lorna, how are things with your Book?


      • Half written and with an editor to see if I’m on the right track. Never wrote a novel before. Right now it’s about 50,000 words.

        Thanks for asking! How are things with you?

        • So embarrassed, I didn’t know you were Writing a Novel… Or rather, I think I remember you mentioning something at some point… That is just Fantastic, so glad to hear that you’re Writing one.

          My Fantasy Novel has been on hold forever, partly because I got it Edited, but I knew that would mainly cover Grammar, and I would need to work with someone else on some of the Story stuff. So I’m finally working with a Phenomenal Writer on some of the Story stuff, as well as touch up Editing… She’s been pointing out some Great things, and so some ReWriting is taking place. But I don’t want to bring it out until it’s is ready, yah know.

          Great Success with your Novel!!


          • I’m glad you found someone with whom you work well. That is so important.

            I found out with releasing my memoir that I really released a very good draft! I’m having a creative writing college prof help me rework a few parts of it and I’m going to released a 2nd edition. I also want to include the literary award it received and the many great reviews. I also have a NY Times best selling author who is endorsing it! Gotta get that on the cover!

            I love fiction writing, I just don’t know if I;m any good at it. The same creative writing professor (also a published author) is looking at it now. Can’t wait to hear her feedback….

            Looks like we have both been very busy! 🙂

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