Jacob Thorn

the_silhouette_of_a_male_singer_0071-0907-1417-0344_SMUJacob Thorn

“I’ve Lost 6 Bass Players Along The Way… Three Overdosed… Two Got Married… And One Thought TheyFound a Better Gig…”

“Too Bad For Him.”

Jacob Thorn, a 6’2″, 190 pound 35 year old rocker, sits on the floor against a wall, dressed in his typical black attire.

Sleeves below his hands, black hair draped over his eyes, and black eyeliner.

“Jacob, five minutes!” one of his roadies yells softly over to him.

Meanwhile, the stage outside is getting its final touches, as the crowd goes wild, screaming for Jacob Thorn and his Black Bandits Band, to come on stage.

One dark blue light sits upon the stage, as if something mysterious is coming… Something life changing.

Which is basically the way his last show was described by the New York Times.

“Life Changing show by Jacob Thorn, and his Black Bandits… That guy was born with a microphone in his hand”

That was two years ago… Has it been that long since his last show…

Indeed it has.

“And I’ve Seen 4 Different Guitarists Come And Go… Generally They Get Upset That They Don’t Get More Attention In The Press…

“More Attention Than Me That Is.”

“Now We’re Stuck With Some Lifeless Studio Musician Out There, All Because Mickey Couldn’t Get His Ass Out Of His Forty Room Mansion’s Bed, And Get Down Here For My Return Show…”

“Bullshit… He’s Still Pissed That I Was The Feature In Our Rolling Stone Article.”

“What Am I Supposed To Do… The $@@$! Fans Dig Me… Whose Fault Is That… Mine?”

The band heads onstage.

“Two Minutes Mr. Thorn,” another passing roadie says as he passes by Jacob, whose lit a cigarette, then put it immediately out.

“Then There Was That Lousy Keyboardist… Bob Whatever His Name Was…”

“Dude Thought He Was A Genius…”

“Eh… He Probably Was.”

“Didn’t Stop Him From Being A Dumb A$$!!”

Jacob stands… His swagger totally in tact, he starts to strut/sway his way towards the entrance of the stage…

The band has already started playing his 3rd most popular hit, “Let Me Down, And Walk Away”.

“JACOB! JACOB! JACOB!” the fans called.

Jacob comes to a halt.

“Nice of the jail to give you a night out, eh Mr. Thorn,” an unknown roadie says to Jacob, who looks over at him with a loathing glare.

“Dude Doesn’t Know Shit… If I Had Told The Truth Two Years Ago, Mikey Would Have Seen 10 to 15 Years… And I Couldn’t Have That… Not When I Could Just Let Them Put Me In With Less Evidence, And Get Out In Three Years.”

Jacob then looks away from the roadie, who suddenly feels like a fool.

Jacob enters the stage with one arm held above his head, and a roadie hands him a microphone as he goes.


“LETS DO THIS @#$%!” he says as he goes.

“Twelve More Months, And I’m Back…”

“Unless I Just Say %@#%! It That Is…”

Jacob looks down at the audience, reaching down and touching some of the crying, screaming fans hands, as he flashes a slight smile at them, barely visible behind his dark draping bangs.

“Nah… I Could Never Just Leave These People Behind… Hell I Love Every Last One Of Them.”

“Jacob Thorn and his Black Bandits do it again… Life Changing Show Last Night… Life Changing…”

“See you in 12 months Jacob… We will be waiting.”




4 Responses to “Jacob Thorn”

  1. So unlikable that you have to like him. Great work! Curious to see more. 🙂

  2. Tough life of a rock star…always loved how you bring the characters to life. I’m sorry to have been absent, but it’s nice to read posts from my favourite bloggers. (:

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