Cotton Candy

il_fullxfull.89709707Cotton Candy

Like Sparkling Dust of Light…

Fluffy Goodness takes flight

Your Tongue touches oh so softly…

Eyes tighten, your Mouth Waters

And suddenly you can Sing…

And Dance

And chase your Memories…

The Stars are your Play Thing

The Moon, Cradles you to Sleep…

The Milky Way

The Backdrop of your Dreams…

If I had One Chance to Love You

Just One Chance

Would you forget your Ice Cream

Your Gumdrops

Your Candied Apples…

Cotton Candy

The things you Close Your Eyes and See…

Or would you Float Away

Never to be Seen…

A Distant Memory

I Hope you Choose to Love Me

Either Way I Love You…

And will Catch You when there’s Nothing More

The Beautiful of Heart, Deserves so… So Much More


PICTURE CREDIT – Original Modern


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