The Outsider

49613_100001500339784_4200_nThe Outsider


They try so hard to fit in

But in is not the truth

What’s so great about what they do

Another person, another way

If it’s Truth that you’re searching for

That Voice that sets you free

Water’s Reflection

Your Heart will not fail you

Your Soul will Feed You

The Outsider is no Outsider at all

But instead waits only for the Truth

Their own Truth

A Shattered Mirror Speaks Loudly

Shattered Pieces put together again

Still Set you Free

The only Truth you ever need to know

Is that you’re only an Outsider, if you’re not yourself

If you are yourself, than you never needs look to others to define you

Instead enjoy the one’s that truly know you

And be True to the one that’s closest to you

And that is You


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