Dark War Ones

578x850_6866_Female_Sith_2d_character_star_wars_painting_girl_woman_sci_fi_picture_image_digital_artDark War Ones

by DarkJade

The Black Sand Castle rose as if it was some Dream Manifestation…

The Guards took the walls, their lives dedicated to their Queen…


Ambral, clad in black, with long black hair to her shoulders, strutted across the black sands that surrounded her castle…

Within the walls, her brother Eline would soon set march, 1,000 men strong, against the the White Clad Robotic Beasts that surrounded the Domed City of Ram Do Pla

Ambral knew that this was not right… That her brother would fall, or be taken prisoner, and tortured to death.

But Eline would hear no part of it…

Once his mind was fixated on something, there was nothing save death that would stand in his way…

Death would indeed.

Or so she had seen…

Meanwhile, some 120 miles away, the Maroon Armored Soldiers of Horden dropped from their ropes atop Ram Do Pla’s Dome, in an attempt to penetrate it… And make the city their own.

Three tribes would battle this day, and many other smaller tribes would wait to pick up the pieces, or form alliances with the victors.

Ambral’s eyes glowed Dark Blue Black as the visions filled her mind…

Horden’s men would fail…

And Eline would seem to be the victor, until the Equalizer Jarom would step in…

“I will never see Eline again…” she said out loud to herself as his armies formed, and departed for battle.

“What a sad, and useless day,” she concluded, as she made her way back into her castle.



2 Responses to “Dark War Ones”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    I like this one….
    more to come ?
    Take Care…

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