Fredrick’s Ride

white horseFredrick’s Ride

by DarkJade


Atop a rocky hill, where stands a Deep Purple and Brown Tree

That’s where my Uncle said to deliver these delightful capers…

What am I doing.

Fredrick Ashton the 3rd rides upon his white steed, heading up the rough incline of rock and dirt.

Can I be so desperate on such a lovely evening as this…

“Can I old boy?” speaks Fredrick as he pats his horses face lightly.

God knows I could have stayed in town to go to the Summer Dance….

But what’s the point.

The same town girls I’ve known all my life… With not a one sparking so much as a splash of interest in my heart…

No wonder the townsfolk have been beginning to speak of the possibility that I might prefer boys over woman…


Fredrick continues to wind up the hill upon his horse, his capers in his hand, and the sun slowly working its way into a glorious sunset.

As he does so, knowing that his horse doesn’t really need him to guide him, he pulls out his most recent read…

A novel called “Gods of Creatures.”

A fascinating peace about Angels and Dragons, and the intricate relationship they share.

Most fascinating indeed.

Soon Fredrick reaches the top of the rock hill, and low and behold dead straight in the middle of the hill top is a glorious tree of dark purple and brown leaves.

“My word,” he speaks as he dismounts, and ties his horse to a nearby rock.

Looking around, he sees no one, but decides to continue to read his book for a while sitting beneath the shadow of the tree…

In the distance, the sunset has truly lit the sky on fire, as he looks away from his book, and casts his gaze into the coming night…

“Oh what a life is this…” as he says this, he sets the bouquet of capers by his side, and falls fast asleep.

After what must have been a half an hour or so, Fredrick awoke…

“I must have fallen asleep…”

He stands, and stretches, and makes his way to his horse giving him a pat…

“How you doing boy…”

It was then that Fredrick noticed that the sky had begun to fill with stars…

“What a wondrous site…”

“Perhaps I’ll stay the night.”

Taking a rolled blanket from the side of his horse, he made himself a spot underneath the glorious tree.

He also built a small fire, and pulled out his book, kicking one boot over the other as he leaned back against the tree.

“Hmm… I am a dash hungry.”

Just then he remembered an apple that he had put in his vest pocket, and so pulled it out, and took a bite.

“Now tell me what could be better than this.”

His mind then entered the world of Angels and Dragons, and he found himself simply enthralled.

“Gods for the creatures… What a mastermind,” he spoke out loud.

After reading for an hour or so Fredrick put his book down, moved over the capers as not to squish them, and slid down onto his back.

Through the thick branches of the Dark Purple and Brown Tree, he could see thousands upon thousands of stars… And wondered what other worlds might exist beyond their earth’s sky…

And soon he fell asleep.

When he awoke in the morning, the sky was cool blue, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight…

“What a wondrous day… What more could one ask for,” and he began to read once more.


PICTURE CREDIT – Betty’s Utility Room


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