Dark War Ones – The Worn

epsilonDark War Ones

by DarkJade

Chapter One – Three Tribes (Ambral)

Chapter Two – The Worn

It hadn’t been such a bad life…

For it to end here, like this, wasn’t all that big of a deal.

Not when you’ve seen the things I’ve seen… The Beauty of the Nok Rona Forest, and the Creatures of Green Blue Light that come to life almost from thin air, and change the whole surroundings in reflection of their sheer magic, and raw anima.

The Domed City of Ram Do Pla

The Below Ground Dungeons

A single grey haired warrior sits in the shadows, chained, head bowed, his clothing bloodied…

But blood not from himself.

He is ‘The Worn’…

Suddenly two Rom Do Pla White Armored Guards enter the cell, bringing with them the prized Prince Eline of Barq Orden…

The Black Fire Mage, Queen Ambral’s brother.


The Guards attach him to chains that fall from the ceiling, and then leave the room.

More than the Worn Warrior, there are some 7 other prisoners in the darkness… Afraid to speak, or even move.

All awaiting their certain deaths.

“WAIT AND SEE!!” Eline yells.

“For the love of god, shut it…” speaks the the Worn Warrior.

Eline looks over at the grey haired man, barely visible, save the scar on his face, and his left eye which is strangely yellow, his other being a dark brown.

“Do you know who I am?” asks Eline.

The Worn stands, now visible, but attached to chains.

“Anyone with ears knows that from your waling…” The Worn replies.

Eline is silenced by this, and simply stares at the man.

“Who are you?” he questions.

“No one of consequence,” The Worn replies, then casts his eyes out a barred window which seems to lead to the moonlight above ground.

“Prepare yourself for certain death, Prince of Barq Orden…” speaks The Worn as he continues to gaze up the tunnel of light.

“I am more than prepared… I had been forewarned of my demise before the onset of the battle… And even in near victory, I awaited a stray arrow to strike me down… One last Ram Do Pla Rebel, in his own private moment of victory,” Eline explains, his eyes looking dead.

The Worn turns and faces him once more, “Forewarned?”

This gets Eline’s attention, and he laughs.

“Yes… My Sister… Ambral… She had foreseen my demise, either in battle, or tortured to death whilst imprisoned.”

Eline shakes his chains a bit, “I am thus imprisoned.”

The Worn simply looks at him for a moment.

“The Black Fire Mage… You really believe she has ‘Visions’…” The Worn says, more than asks.

With this Eline’s eyes light up, “Oh yes… She does indeed.”

The Worn simply stares at him, then disappears back into the shadows as the feeding guard comes in.

“Alright Prince, time for your slop… Oh yeah, you don’t have use of your hands, looks like I’ll have to just feed it to you through your skin,” and with this the Guard tosses a dollop of slop at the Prince, getting it all over his face and chest.

HAHAHA! the Guard laughs, and lays down plates for the other 7 prisoners, and…

“You forgot me…” speaks The Worn from the shadows.

The Guard looks in that direction, “Where you at Warrior…”

AHHH!! suddenly from the darkness The Worn bounds forward, his chains snapping, as if they had already been worked upon…

Before the Guard can make a sound, his neck is broken, and his body is dragged out of the light.

“You are fast,” speaks Eline.

The Worn finds the Prince’s chain key from the Guards belt, and quickly unchains him.

“Here’s your chance to deny your Sister’s Vision…” speaks The Worn, as he then turns and makes his way out of the cell.

Eline unchains himself, looks at the others who hide further and appear not to want to leave, and so he quickly goes after The Worn…



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