I am Castaway from my own heart…

Not because I want to be

I am Young…

And Troubled

And Undone…

When you close your eyes

You can still feel his Warmth

Wrapped Around you

He is there

When he Closes his Eyes

You are holding his hand…

Your Love For him

The Two of you are One

Why so much doubt…

Hopes and Dreams are just fine

He laughs and cries

Blood streaks the side of his cheek

She wipes it away

Can I stay she says

Stay Forever…

Stay a Day

Say You’ll Always Love Me

Things Like this are so uncommon

Love Like ours is so uncommon

Forgive, and Forget the rest…

Life’s Trappings are such a Mess

My God just Hold Me…

I Never Let you go

Just so you know

Our hands are Tangled, Crossed, and One

My Eyes closed so tight

And yet you are in

You’ve always been

My Dearest One



2 Responses to “Castaway”

  1. You are such a romantic…

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