Mady’s Storm – (Chapter XII) Strange Bedfellows

Mady’s Storm

A Novella

By DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

Chapter Nine – Identity

Chapter Ten – Sweet Sounds

Chapter XI – Barry North

Chapter XII – Strange Bedfellows

As Mady’s car makes its way through the streets of New York, Billy looks a bit uneasy, as he holds his hat in his lap fiddling with the rim.

Mady on the other hand, seems slightly exited, as if she had invited her first friend into her tree house.

“Here,” Mady says, and hands him a glass of brandy she had poured from her car’s minibar.

“Oh… No…” Billy holds up his hand, as if warding it away, “I gave up the drink several years back… But thank you Miss Monroe.”

Mady looks at the glass, then sets it down.

“Good for you… I’ve come to lean on it a bit as of late,” she explains.

“It’s none of my business… But may I ask why a wealthy, beautiful young woman like yourself would need to drink?” he enquires.

Mady took a moment before answering.

“My father died… And… I’m alone here in the city… And I basically have no friends…”

She takes a moment.

“Other than the one’s I employee… But that’s not quite the same as having a friend… Now is it.”

Barry continues to listen.

“My   father, as it turns out, was my only friend…”she concludes as she gazes out the window.

“I’m sorry to hear about your dad Miss…”Billy replies.

Soon they reach Mady’s high rise apartment.

“I’ll make you some coffee, and a sandwich,” says Mady as she disappears into the kitchen.

“Thank you miss…”

Billy holds his hat in his hands, and shyly peers around the place.

“I have to say… This is a lovely home Miss.”

“Mady… You can call me Mady,” replies Mady from the kitchen.

“Okay… Mady.”

Mady soon returns from the kitchen with a sandwich and coffee and hands them to Billy.

“Here you go… ”

“Thank you Miss… I mean… Mady.”

Mady smiles slightly, then takes the seat across from him.

“What about you… Any friends or family?” she asks.

“Ah, sure, I’ve got some friends… Mostly musicians like myself who also play gigs at some New York clubs like myself.”

“And family?” she continues as she takes a sip of coffee.

“Nah…No family… At least, not that I know about,” he replies.

“I grew up being passed from home to home mostly…” he explains.

“And trust me when I say… None of those people were family,” he continues.

“Black people kinda sorta have a reputation for being slaves… And that’s how I was basically treated.” he concludes, as he finishes his sandwich.

“I see… I came from Africa myself… Things are quite different there… At least where I was at,” Mady replies.

“Africa?” Billy says surprised.

“Well,” Mady lights a cigarette, “not originally… Originally came from Virginia…”

“I see…” Billy says as he yawns, and pulls his hat over his eyes.

“You look tired,” Mady says as she stands.

“We can talk more in the morning… I’ve had a bed set up in the spare bedroom…” she puts her cigarette out without taking a hit.

“No… No… Keep talken… I’m awake under this hat… And the couch is fine for me.”

Mady smiles and sits back down.

“Perhaps you’ve heard of me… ‘Caroline Madelyn Monroe’… The newspapers like to call me the ‘African Princess’,” she explains with a grimace.

“Nope… Can’t say that I have… But continue,” Billy replies as he lays back on the couch, his hat still over his eyes.

I went on to tell him about my mother being slain by my step father, and how how my father rescued me.

Leaving out the fact that my father had my step father killed upon his arrival in Africa to kill me.

But by the end, Billy was snoring.

I threw a blanket over him, stared at him for a bit, then went off to bed.

I didn’t lock my door, though I probably should have.

There was something about Billy that put me at ease.

And I have to say it felt good not to worry about it.



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