Mady’s Storm – (Chapter XIII) A Club

Black_Haired_GirlMady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

Chapter Nine – Identity

Chapter Ten – Sweet Sounds

Chapter XI – Barry North

Chapter XII – Strange Bedfellows

Chapter XIII – A Club

When I woke in the morning, and set out for my living room, Billy was gone, and the blanket I had covered him with was folded, and sitting on the end of the couch.

It was then that I noticed a black box of matches, with a club’s name on it.

“The Starlight Room”.

I had never heard of it, but figured I’d check it out this evening.

Did he leave this here on purpose for me to find?

That evening I entered the very dark, remote “Starlight Room”, dressed completely in black in order to be discrete.

I had the man take me to a dark corner table, and simply watched the music unfold.

Billy was amazing… And yes, the horn he kept for shows was indeed a vast improvement over his street playing one.

As the music filled me, I closed my eyes, and flashes of memories from my father’s African estate living room filled my mind and heart.

Him listening to those albums from New Orleans that he loved so well…

And me just smiling, and laughing as he danced around, and in some cases took my hand, and danced with me as well.

By the end of the night, when all else had cleared out, and Billy finally appeared from behind the stage, his horn under arm…

I gave a slow clap from my corner.

And though I was in the shadows, I suspect he could still see my smile which was from ear to ear.

“Bravo…” I spoke.

Billy tucked his head down a bit with a smile, “I was hoping that you would come.”

He sat down beside me, and sat his horn on the table.

“May I?” I asked.

He nodded, and so I inspected his piece.

“Very nice…” I spoke, as I sat it back on the table.

“Yeah, well, it was a good friend of mines… He left it to me when he passed.”

This saddened me a bit, “I’m sorry Billy…”

He smiled, “Oh, no… Don’t be sorry… He lived a long, long Blues, and Jazz filled life.”

Suddenly it hit me, like a bolt of lightning…

“Billy?” I said.

“Hmm?” he replied.

“Would you consider opening a Club with me?” I asked.

He sat there quiet.

“I really appreciate the offer Miss… I mean… Mady… But I’m not really ready to settle down quite yet… Some buddies and me are planning a road trip to Chicago, which could last quite a while… I still have a lot to learn in regards to playing music.”

My head bowed a bit, “I understand…”

“Yeah, but I don’t know… Got me a friend here in New York, yah know…” he continued.

I looked up at him, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah… She’s a really curious one… They call her an “African Princess, though she’s the whitest thing I’ve ever seen,” he continued.

I smiled, “Oh they do, do they?”

“Yeah… But she’s really just a young girl from Virginia.”

I smiled again and bowed my head a bit again.

“Anyway… I thought I’d stay in town for a couple more months, until she found another friend to replace me… At the moment, I’m the only friend she’s got.”

“Yah know,” he concludes.

I look up, tears filling my eyes,”Yeah,” I wipe them away, “I know.”

“But I don’t want you to delay your trip,” I spoke.

“It’s okay… It will give me some more time to save money,” he explained.

I started to reach for my check book anxiously, but he put his hand on my arm, “I don’t want your money Mady.”

I smiled… “Sorry.”

“But I could use a place to stay?”

“Yes!” I take one of his hands into both of mine, “Of course.”

“Can I buy you dinner?” I added.

He smiled.

“Yeah… I think I can handle that.”

The two of us then set off for dinner at a little hole in the wall of his choosing.

We became very close that evening… I had found my first friend in New York.


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