Low and Behold… How Much Work Are You Willing to do

A Font with SerifsIt’s funny… I wrote the First Draft of my Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” back between Jan-Jun, 2012.

Right here, on this Blog.

Then I sat it down, and focussed my efforts on Self Publishing my Novella “I Died Once”, which I did last year, Aug-Sep, 2012.

Now my local bookstore is awaiting my Fantasy Novel, which I have been preparing for a while now.

And when I say preparing, I mean getting it Read and Reviewed… Line Edited… Edited for Grammar Etc… The ‘Land Map’ Drawn… The Cover/Designed made… And Pre-Marketed a bit (Which I will be doing any day now at my local bookstore).

But lately, as I’ve been working closely with another Writer on some Final Editing Decisions, which then became some additional ‘Wordsmithing’ (Which was a New Term to me, but basically she’s helping me with some of the wording), I’ve come to the decision that there are some parts that need more depth… Including some of the Characters.

Something I have yet to do with any of my ‘Written Within This Blog Stories’, is a lot of actual Re-Writing…

Something I did do with my Screenplay, “White Jade”.

Nineteen+ Re-Writes to be specific.

And so “Chess With Agatha” will be the First that I do some of that.

Wish me Luck



5 Responses to “Low and Behold… How Much Work Are You Willing to do”

  1. Good luck DJ! It must be so exciting to know that your local bookstore is waiting for your new work 🙂

  2. Getting your story completed is always such a feeling of accomplishment. And then there is the realization that you’ve only just begun!

    I waver between writing through whole sections (knowing I’ll have to go back and pour over and over large pieces of what I’ve written) versus writing a chapter and then editing it.

    Either way, I know that when I put it in the hands of an editor, the book will change at least several more times. But each time it goes through an editing iteration, it is improved.

    I just wonder when it’s ever finished… 😉

    • Lol, tell me about it

      I definitely wanted to adjust some things after the first main Edit… But then as I got the opinion of another Writer on some of the things I was considering changing, they pointed out a slew of other things that have been really helpful, and in the end will make the book better


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