These are Challenging times…

Full of difficult decisions, and situations

We must trust ourselves now more than ever…

Those Voices we ignore on the inside are Screaming loudly to be heard

Each of us is not that different from one another…

Not in respects to certain Core, Fundamental things

Greet people with a Hello…

Look them in the eyes

And Mean what you Say…

Seems simple enough


But we all know that, that can sometimes be hard

Yes, these are Challenging times…

We have our Work Cut out for us

But to be Challenged…

Truly Engaged in Life

That’s what Boils the Blood…

And reminds us we’re alive




6 Responses to “Proclamation”

  1. Reblogged this on Legends Undying and commented:
    Have a Good Weekend All

  2. Hi James,

    I feel your words.
    I feel it very strongly. Maybe that’s why my head sometimes fells like exploding…

    Nice song 😉

    Have a nice evening and… To Truly Be Engaged!

  3. The ‘look them in the eyes’ would be a problem in Japan – daughter has just come back from there and says it is considered bad manners! 🙂

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