Be Brave

braveBe Brave

So I called my Dad, and his girlfriend answered his cell…

The girlfriend that I’ve spent the last 18+ years or so avoiding, lol

She sounded good, I told her so

She said Dad was resting after being to the Doc


My Dad is 74

The two of us aren’t all that close

I mean…

Not really

I mean, these days I do call him every week or two

I came to the conclusion 15 years ago whilst sitting on a therapist’s couch

That I would focus on my friendship with my Dad

As opposed to the Father Son thing…

This came about because the therapist (Who I was seeing just for a few sessions, due to some other stuff that was going on that was affecting my work)

Said to me, “You Never Mention Your Father/Dad?”

It was true

I grew up with my Single Mom, who has been seeing the same person for over 30 years…

But he was never allowed to parent my brother and I…

And when she said that, I decided that I would work on being friends with my Dad

Which worked

We’re kind of friends now

But where am I going with this… Lol

Oh yes…

“Be Brave”

Close or not to my Dad, I still like the fact that he’s still around

Out there living his life

Nuff Said




3 Responses to “Be Brave”

  1. Reblogged this on per mare… and commented:
    Now that is brave.

  2. GrannysPlace Says:

    I think you are doing the best you can and it is good enough.

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