15 Years Ago

15 Years Ago

Fifteen years ago, I came out of an 8 year romantic relationship… My first really

And it was at that moment that I realized, I could finally pursue my Dreams

She hadn’t been supportive of what I was interested in pursuing, and had basically told me that she would leave me if I pursued it

Not wanting to lose her, I sat my Dreams aside

Reflecting back, this was probably the true beginning of our demise

Once she left, I bought an Electric Guitar, and started am Emotional Rock Band

I’m not sure that, that was one of my Dreams, but I certainly was drawn to it

For the next year I played Music, and got my heart extremely broken in a few month relationship with my best friend from work

At the end of that year, I decided to step away from the good paying job that made me bored and miserable, and actually begin the pursuit of my Dream, which was Film Making

I moved to Oregon where my Brother lived, reconnected with him, and purchased a Video Camera

For the next 7 Months or so, I worked on Experimental Film, as well as truly reconnected to my Self/Creative Self

I was finally on my Life’s Path I felt

But I burnt out on Oregon, and kind of being the third wheel to my Brother’s Marriage, and so moved back to Southern California, which are my Roots

There I met someone, who I married one year later

Our Marriage quickly fell part, more to do with our own individual issues, than one another

But during that time I Filmed My First Short Film, and got it into a Film Festival in New York

Sadly shortly after our Marriage ended, and the Film Showed at the Festival in New York, I ran into some Medical Issues

The Medical Issues improved, but during the process, I went through some Trauma, that lead to me setting Film Making aside

I then spent some time getting to know myself further, beyond my Dreams

I began watching Old Films, something I had always wanted to do, but never truly got a chance to do

As well as becoming a New York Yankees Fan

I also began listening to a lot of Music, kind of reminded me of when I was 16

Though instead of Madonna and Cindy Lauper like when I was 16, I was listening to Coldplay and Linkin Park

For the following couple years, I also began focusing my efforts on Screenplay Writing

But after a couple years of that, I finally decided to take a break from pursuing Dreams, and started playing World of Warcraft, Lol

Here I met a girl, who I was with for 4 1/2 years

During that time I had started to want to Write again, but the ending of our relationship kind of overshadowed that

Two months after we parted, however, I started this Blog, and my Pursuit of Writing as a Career

First with Poetry, then with works of Fiction

It’s amazing looking back over the last 15 years, and I truly don’t regret a thing


3 Responses to “15 Years Ago”

  1. Everyone has a story of ups and downs. The best way any story can end is that, looking back, you have no regrets. That’s great!

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