Independence, Stubborness Or Pride… Knowing When To Ask For Help

kopi-2-af-dscn95541Independence, Stubbornness Or Pride… Knowing When To Ask For Help

It’s funny, I’ve always been extremely independent…

That’s what made it so difficult back in 2003, (After I had run into some medical issues in 2002, which I’ve mentioned in some of my previous Posts) when I

went through some trauma associated with some Medical issues, that put me in a very difficult/awkward/uncomfortable/unfamiliar position…

The position of needing help

So unfamiliar with this concept was I, that I even found myself asking my Dad (Who I didn’t grow up living with, but saw a couple times a year)

How to deal with people helping me?

Because in 2003, even though my health had returned, I found myself very much needing to stay with someone for a while…

And the location of choice, was my Family Home, where my Mom and her Boyfriend of 30+ years still lived

They were only too happy to help me out…

But it was hard for me

Not only was I not making any money, but I just wasn’t 100%

After a while it became ok…

I started doing some Admin./Marketing for my Mom’s Boyfriend, who is an Architect…

And began feeling better about myself needing to be there

But still to this day, receiving help from people is still a very difficult thing for me…

But without them, I would have been in some very difficult situations

And instead, I was able to carry on my life and do my best to leave the trauma behind

What about you?

Have any of you found yourself having to ask, or receive help, and just had a hard time dealing with it?



5 Responses to “Independence, Stubborness Or Pride… Knowing When To Ask For Help”

  1. Hello James,

    I remember that asking for help was difficult when I was younger, it made me feel even more like the victim. Also I had a low self esteem issue. So asking help would ‘in my head’ lower it even more. Or something like that.
    Maybe you had a hard time asking because it made you feel like a victim and you can’t live with that idea.

    Now I can ask for help if I do need it. I know that if I do, it is because it’ll be beneficial and I’ll always ask for it in a way that it’ll benefit somehow to the other person. So it’s not: help me out please! BUT let’s face it, I could use some help, it’ll be better. Now what I can do in return.

    If you see it that way, you see it as a smart move and you know that you’ll bring something to the other person. = no victimhood!

    But still I prefer to handle things myself, if I can. 😉


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