Mady’s Storm (Chapter XV) – The Mob

400_300_1301750304787681Mady’s Storm

A Novella

by DarkJade


Chapter One – America

Chapter Two – New York

Chapter Three – Virginia

Chapter Four – Flashback

Chapter Five – Rex Taylor

Chapter Six – Sex

Chapter Seven – A Time For Giving

Chapter Eight – Nightmares

Chapter Nine – Identity

Chapter Ten – Sweet Sounds

Chapter XI – Barry North

Chapter XII – Strange Bedfellows

Chapter XIII – A Club

Chapter XIV – Monroe’s

Chapter XV – The Mob

Things started out pretty slow for Monroe’s at first.

During the first few months, our overhead was considerably higher than our revenue…

Maybe that’s why the mob left us alone…

For now.

Then slowly Mac lured in some local talent who were tired of been treated less then human from other establishments.

And suddenly things started to pick up…

And that’s when Billy Jet returned from Chicago.

“I can’t believe you actually did it,” he spoke as he entered Monroe’s wearing a snazzy white suit just before we were opening that night.

His horn tucked underneath his arm.

“I’m glad you approve,” I replied with a smile.

Then Mack came in, and I introduced the two.

Well, they already knew each other from, “The Starlight Room.”

But this was the first time they had interacted since I brought Mack on board.

“Good to see you Billy…” spoke Mack as he reached out and shook his hand.

Just then the rest of Billy’s band came in as well, all carrying instruments, and all wearing matching white suits.

“Wow… You guys look great!” I told them.

“Yeah… We were doin alright in Chicago…” he replied with a smile as he gazed around the dark, attractive club that Monroe’s had become.

“But now we’re looken for a home…” he said and looked right at me.

“Look no further… This is your home,” I said with a smile looking at Mack for a conformation.

“Pleasure to have you kid… Now we’re really going to hop,” Mack replied.

Once Billy and his crew joined in, we finally had a main act.

And ‘”Monroe’s” really started to take shape.

And by our fourth month mark, we had started to develop some regulars…

So much so, that we were actually breaking even.

This made Mack and I very happy.

He really knew his stuff, and together with me, and Billy, we were truly legit.

We had created a small, yet potent home and hangout for the very Jazzy…

And the very ‘cool’.

Unfortunately, our cliental weren’t the only one’s that were taking notice of “Monroe’s”.

It was Tuesday night when a man in a white pinstriped suit, and hat showed up…

Sitting their flipping a silver coin up, and down into the air as he sat at a remote table watching the acts…

Watching us all.

Taking in the cool vibe we had created.

“Mack… Who is that man?” I asked Mack as he finished up a conversation with Johnny our bartender.

He discretely looked over at the man’s table, “I can’t say … But I’m about to find out…” he said as he made his way over to the table with a smile, and an extended hand.

I glanced over at Johnny who shrugged, and went about wiping down the bar.

A few minutes later Mack returned to me at the bar.

“It’s a man called Toni Moretti,” Mack explained.

With this he looked at me and said, “Mob.”

“Mob?” I replied stunned.

“Yup… Just as I feared” he replied.

“I’ll take care of it,” I suddenly said, and made my way towards Toni Moretti’s table.

“Mady wait!” spoke Mack, but it was too late.

“Can I help you?” I asked the man as I stood before him in my long dark blue evening gown.




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