What I’m Trying To Say

What I’m trying to say is that you’ve changed me

Shown me things I couldn’t have Dreamed were possible

Brought me Truths that have given me pause

And in those moments of Contemplation

I am Born

But this time Born from something more than before

I am New

These Beautiful Blooms you share are something more

They light the sky, and fill my heart

You take my hand and I am yours

Your eyes light up, as you do your best to explain

To show me things, I’ll never be the same

You push me down, and Catch me just the same

What I’m trying to say, is you’ve changed the Night

The Cold I’ve felt, is now Soft and Warm

Dragonflies rest upon your fingers, and all you can say is

There’s So Much More

And now I know this is true

And now I truly Believe

Before I met you, the Ocean Glimmered

But now it fills my brain

With Songs of Truth, and Love, and Joy

Nothing will ever be the same

Now that I know you

Why would I want it to


PICTURE CREDIT – Aqua Dragonfly


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