Fade To White

WhiteHairGuyFade To White

Liquid Blue pours through his veins…

The Dark that follows

Still remains…

As he slumbers

Wondering why…

The Clouds they part

Crack Red…

And Die

When they tell you…

There is one truth

They seem to leave out…

The Second move

Just as all…

Seems so clear

Another Side…

Does appear




4 Responses to “Fade To White”

  1. As always, this is beautifully serene 🙂

    How the devil are you, anyway?

    • Thank you Anna



      For the last seven months I’ve been experiencining a deep connection with someone I love

      But it’s complicated, partly because we don’t live near one another

      I’m afraid my pressence in the blogosphere has been remote…

      Though I’ve started posting a bit more lately

      How have you been? I haven’t been getting a chance to read any of your work lately


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