Whisper Moon – Oh No You Didn’t

Gangster_Drawing__by_Savana_good_tiWhisper Moon

by DarkJade

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Episode XVI – Changes

Episode XVII – Debt

Episode XVIII – Oh No You Didn’t




Some sixty or so men yell and wave money around, as two dogs fight in the middle of a bobbed wire circle.

A tall, large, well dressed older man with white hair smokes a cigar and claps his hands as he watches.

The man Serena had been going to the Italian Restaurant with.

Men with machine guns are at all six entries.

Suddenly Paul’s large form, dressed in what appears to be a white zoot suit, walks in also smoking a cigar.

At his side is a man dressed in all black, wearing a hood making his face unseen.

Paul smiles as he is approached by security.

The older man takes note of Paul as he waves around a pile of money at the guard, indicating he’s got a lot of money to lose.

The guard is attempting to turn Paul away, when the large older man, Manny Mondido, approaches.

“Hey… Hey… We can all get along here,” Manny gestures for the guard to step back, and so he does.

“How can we be of service to you?” asks Manny.

“It’s late… I’m bored… And I feel like blowing some dough, and seeing some bitches tear themselves apart,” Paul says looking over at the fighting dogs.

Manny smiles, though he’s not fooled, “Sure… Sure, step right in.”

As Paul and the hooded man start to step in, Manny puts his arm out blocking the hooded man.

“Not him… Just you,” he says to Paul.

Paul smiles… “Sure,” and hands his cash to Manny, who starts to count it.

The hooded man takes three steps back, and stands by the door.



Guru Chip sits in a black custom Maserati SUV typing away on his laptop.


Paul is cheering on the fighting when the lights go out.

Every one yells and complains.

Meanwhile Manny feels a gag put in his mouth, and sack put over his head, and Paul drags him towards the exit where he had come in.

The hooded man knocks each of the six security guards out via martial arts, then follows Paul out that entrance.


Guru Chip drives up in the SUV, the hooded figure gets in the passenger side, and pulls back the hood… It’s Jonah.

And Paul gets in back with Manny.

“Lets get out of here…” says Jonah, and they tear down the street.



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