“I Died Once”… Adapting My Novella Into A Screenplay

5009884654_9c962e4fc7_b“I Died Once”… Adapting My Novella Into A Screenplay

CoverOn November 8th, 2013, I decided to begin Adapting my Novella “I Died Once” to a Screenplay.

For a while I have felt that it could easily be made into a Film, it would just need to be fleshed out, and increased in length.

The Novella itself is only 59 Pages, and I figure it should be at least a One Hour 40 Minute+ Long Film.

Assisting me with this task is a good Family Friend, with Screenplay, and other Writing experience.

I’ve actually written one Screenplay, but that was 10 years ago, and it’s the only one I’ve written.

I could study up on Writing Screenplays again, and do it myself… But I’m actually looking forward to collaborating with someone on it… Especially someone that really enjoyed the Novella.

Not to mention he is a really great, and interesting guy.

And thus, as of November 8th, I sent my Word Document of “I Died Once” to him… And two days later, he returned half of the Original Treatment.

It looked good, so I told him to go ahead and finish up the First Draft of the Treatment.

Which he did, and sent to me today.

I will look over it, and the two of us will then discuss our next step.

I shall keep you up to date as to how it is going.

Thanks for Reading


PICTURE CREDIT – Mastering Film


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