Christmas Tree

You may have noticed I’ve been Posting a hand full of Christmas Poems… They are a few that I wrote recently, that I’m considering Self Publishing before this Holiday…



Christmas Tree

The scent transcends all things…

It knocks down gloom

Let’s Christmas in

I can’t believe…

This box of

Old lights…

Has twinkle enough…

To make it through night

Bright Red, Gold bulbs

Silver garland laid

And memory Child’s toys

Lay at your legs

We thank you…

We sit below you…

Your Blinking Northern Lights

Rain down upon this Wood, Brick Floor

Our eyes are Filled with you

If you only knew

What Love, and Hope you Bring


3 Responses to “Christmas Tree”

  1. I like the message. Earlier today, I took sight of red berries and it took me back to a feeling of Christmas sometime in my childhood.

  2. Reblogged this on The Written Word and commented:

    Another Christmas Poem From A Couple Years Ago

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