Jacob Fade – Her

man_glass_window_back_silhouette_55203_1600x1200Jacob Fade

by DarkJade

I thought I had it all…

Who Knows

Maybe I did…

Maybe I Still do

                                               Jacob Fade-



Has it always been like this

I feel so trapped, and alone

I guess figuring out what you want and need is harder than you’d think

I keep trying



Jacob sits in his wheelchair gazing out the window at the snow below which lays upon the streets

I can’t avoid this forever…

Beautiful or not

Seductive or not…

I need to delve in

Jacob turns his wheelchair towards his drawing desk, and wheels himself over

He takes a drawing pen into hand… and begins to draw

I thought you’d never be back Jacob… I’ve missed you

Jacob freezes what he’s doing, and glances behind him where a dark blond, attractive woman is standing

But she’s not really there…

He goes back to drawing

Oh I see… You’re too good for me now

With this she approaches from behind him, and wraps both arms around his shoulders

Her smell is intoxicating…

Jacob closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath…

…then opens them once more and continues drawing

The drawing is of a dark haired woman walking across a wide pool of water

Light seems to be coming from beneath the water, creating a glow around her…

I see how it is

The blond woman releases her hold

Your taste has switched to dark haired woman…

“It always has been…” he says out loud, but catches himself.

He continues drawing, but feels a cool chill

He looks behind him and she is gone

He releases a deep breath, and sets down the pen

“What am I doing… What am I even doing”



2 Responses to “Jacob Fade – Her”

  1. Your words are so beautiful. 🙂

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