Beyond The Door

Ocean-Door-Golden-Light-LBeyond The Door

Why do I fear what I once knew so well…

Though I must admit, it has changed

As I move forward the warmth grabs at me…

Beckoning me inside

I do not fear you…

I may not know, or remember you

It’s been so long…

But you are still me

Have I become a stranger to my own mind…

Or is this something new

She’s right…

Imperfect Forward Movement is my only option

How awkward it all is…

Maybe it won’t be so bad

Maybe peace, love and happiness will be mine again…

Or maybe

This is the first time I will ever have known it…

Just being ok would be fine by me




2 Responses to “Beyond The Door”

  1. this is written so beautifully. I love this piece.

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