Menace – She’s Gone


by DarkJade

Part I

Part II – She’s Gone



“It’s not right is all I’m saying… I mean, what are they going to do with her now, cast her out to some remote desert where she can die a slow death ala sunburn…” speaks Aron, the young lawyer in training, son to Lord Broh, King’s High Lawyer, as he paces back and forth in front of his father’s window.

“What is it Aron… Is it because because she’s pretty? Because if it’s that, I’ll tell you right now, you can do better than a mas murder… Which is what she is,” speaks Aron’s father who does his work sitting behind a large rock desk, never raising his head from his scroll work.

“But how can we know that she was capable of such a thing… Have we proof of any sort?” replies Aron who comes to a halt from his pacing, and faces his father.

With this his father raises his eyes from his work to meet his sons.

“There is a man… A warrior from the north… A survivor… The only survivor of his people… He saw what she did…… He’s seen what she is… He was there… Why can’t you–” he speaks, but Aron interrupts him.

“But father!”

“Enough!” with this his father stands and pounds his fists against the desk.

“I will hear no more of this babble… Get to your studies boy, before I really show you trouble.”


Six Royal Dormte’ Guards, four on horseback, two in the drivers seat of a horse pulled wagon, escort the mysterious young girl ‘Menace’ into the desert Neer-En.

She sits in the back of the open wagon bed, her hands still chained.

Her eyes are close, but she is awake.

“This is good enough…” one of the guards suddenly says, as the wagon is then brought to a halt.

“But ther’s no water for ten miles from here… This is not where are orders say to leave her?” speaks the Royal Guard Jon-Bor.

With this, Jon-Bor takes a scroll from his belt, and opens it.

Inside are the King’s orders, as well as a map showing the location of an oasis in the Neer-En Desert.

“See here, there’s an oasis some 10 miles further…” he continues.

“LEAVE IT!” spats the now anger guard who had brought them to a halt.

“We’re going home… We’ve spent enough of our valuable time on this wench!” he continues, his blood boiling as he stares down Jon-Bor.

With this, he nods at the wagon riding guards, and the two of them move into the bed of the wagon, and with their boots push her out of the back, and down into the hot sound below.

“Umff…” the only sound she makes.

“Aren’t we going to at least unchain her?” Jon-Bor asks.


Jon- Bor has been left behind with the girl.

“HAHA!” the laughter of the other guards stilling ringing in his head.

“Great, 10 miles from anywhere, and I’m left with a chained up mass murdere… Wayt to go Jon-Bor…” he speaks to himself.

“Jon-Bor?” the girl suddenly speaks as she opens her deep green eyes, and sits up.

“Uh… Yeah… Listen, good luck to you, I really need to go…” he says as he begins to continue on by foot towards the direction of the oasis, holding up the map as he goes.

“Where will you go?” she asks.

“Anywhere but near you,” he says under his breath as he comes to a halt, and faces her.

“I…” he starts to say, but then notes two tears making there way down her cheeks.

“Was I that terrible…” she states more than asks.

Jon-Bar is speechless.


They’re traveling side by side.



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