by DarkJade

The black wave came, and there wasn’t anything any of us could do…

Hundreds of thousands killed

The land for hundreds of miles destroyed

One girl was responsible for this

One young blond girl…

Her name, is Menace

Or at least that’s what they called her

The Council of Dormte’ sent a hundred of their best fighters to retrieve her from her high temple on the mountain of Cinderlor

To their surprise, she didn’t put up a fight

When they found her, she was sitting on her thrown, her arms wrapped around her knees, whilst holding onto one pure white, and one pure black kitten

“Menace.. Your coming with us!” spoke the eldest of the soldiers

She continued focusing on the kittens, her eyes a dark, unnatural green

“I know,” she responded

The soldiers chained menace, and placed her on a white horse.

They then returned with her to the Kingdom of Dormte’, where the King awaited the girl

The courtroom was filled with the many nobles of Dormte’ as they awaited the girl’s arrival

When she entered there was a Royal Guard at each of her sides

She was wearing a long black cloak, over an all black gown

Her hands still chained in front of her, she seemed to gaze into nothing

When they reached some thirty feet from the King, he nodded at the guards and they stepped away from the girl

“Have you anything to say Menace, before we pass sentence on you…” he spoke

Meanwhile an anxious, brown haired young man, wearing white lawyer robes like that of his father, tried profusely to get a look at the girl

“This is not a court of the law…” he spoke under his breath

“The girl must receive a fair trial…” he continued

With this his father grabbed his shouler

“Quiet Aron… This is not our fight…” he spoke

“Justice is our fight father,” the obstinate young man whispered back at him

“Only that my name is not Menace…” the girl replied to the King

With this the King looked at his council members at his side, then back at the girl, and leaned forward…

“What is your name girl?” he spoke

“Will it save my life if I tell you?” she replied looking directly at the King now

This puts the King at ill ease

“We’re not going to kill you child… We’re simply going to make you foret…” spoke the King

With this two Court Magicians approached the girl from behind, one carrying a small black metal chest

“Menace… Or whoever you are… By the Kingdom of Dormte’, you are here forth banished! with this the second magician opened the chest, and took out a golden necklace, with a red and blue stoned amulet

“From yourself…” he continues, and with this the magician places the necklace around her neck




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