The Villain


infamous-villainThe Villain

by DarkJade

I am the misunderstood

The Troubled…

I am the one that does the Horrible Things in my mind

I am Alone…

I will Harm You for Power

For Money…

Or simply because I want to

I Can’t be Trusted…

Though I will do my best to convince you otherwise

I will make you Bleed…

And if not you

Your Friends, or Family…

Torturing the Innocent is what I do

Killing because I can…

I will take what is not mine

Heroes are my Enemy…

Causing them Pain

Is What I Do…

Never Be Alone with me

You Will Regret It If You Do…

I will Twist You

Tie You Up and Gag You…

Ruin Your Life

I am The Villain…



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