My Apologizes, Amazon Error On Free “I Died Once”

I Died Once CoverMy Apologizes, Amazon Error On Free “I Died Once”

I want to apologize… Both my Poetry Book, an Novella “I Died Once” were scheduled to be Free to Download on both Feb 13th, and Feb 14th…

For some reason “I Died Once” was Free on the 13th, but now appears to be not free.

I have no ideas what happened.

All I know is 22 copies were downloaded for Free, and now it’s not Free.

So I shall try again, on Feb 15th and Feb 16th it will be Free again.

My apologizes to those who went there and saw it for a $1.99 price.

I shall Post again once the price is Zero again, which should be tomorrow.


3 Responses to “My Apologizes, Amazon Error On Free “I Died Once””

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    Amazon Made An Error

  2. James,my memoir was rife with errors of the missing word or spelling variety. I fixed up what I could find and resubmitted it. This was after paying a very nice editor. Thanks why I decided to release a 2nd edition–that plus I wanted to include the reviews and writing award I received.

    A well-respected author told me that, with self-publishing, you have to check our novel at least 5 times AND hire a content editors or proofreader. The money adds up fast but at least you have a book you’re proud of and believe.

    All books have a few gaffes, but should only have a few. I know that when I read my work, I miss a lot of the garbage that another set of trained eyes will catch.

    The woman who volunteered to read book gave me a pithy observation: when self-published, you often send out your best-effort draft, not a clean manuscript. It was something that stuck in my head and I will use it for my ext book!

    • This post was just to let people know that the free digital copies schedule got a bit messed up… They’re both available now for the 15th, and 16th

      All of that info. is valuable, and gratz on the Award


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