Tell the ones you Love, that you love them

If your parents are still around, and they’re important to you, show them

Be nice to yourself

Eat healthy, if you want to live longer

Exercise man, no joke

It doesn’t just lengthen your life, it makes you happier

And feel better

Slow down

What’s the rush, I mean really

Unplug from technology once in a while

Look around

Check out a Sunset or something

Keep in touch with the people who mean most to you

Don’t give away your energy like it’s candy

And save some for yourself

Appreciate the people in your life

Take nothing, and no one for granted

Turn off the lights, and listen to music

Any kind of music you like

Say hello to people out there

Let employees at restaurants and places like that

Know that you appreciate them

Money doesn’t cover everything

Forgive who you can

Don’t forget, but definitely forgive

Don’t hold on to anger

Express it in a healthy way

Try not to be too stubborn

You can end up wasting a lot of time

And Losing a lot of friends

And in some cases, family

Keep your eye on the ball of your own life

Don’t let people push you around

Or tell you who you are

Be nice to people if you can

Fight for dreams

Don’t just except your life

Be Proactive

Appreciate every single moment


PICTURE CREDIT – Get Perspective


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