by DarkJade


Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark, stands upon a hill overlooking the Mid-Red Dwarve’s militant camp to the east.

Four balistas, 56 axemen, and their leader, Captain Drundok Mor…

With a wave of his arm, 60 Stormdark Archers draw back their long ash bows, and release their green flaming arrows, creating a dark magical fire surrounding the camp…

With another wave of his arm, a hornsman sounds the Stormdark battle sound, and 120 Stormdark Swordsman begin to surround the Mid-Red Dwarves.

Soon many of the dwarves begin to come jumping through this enchanted flame, catching fire, and meeting the ends of Stormdark swords.

With one last wave of his arm, Wolfjade turns and walks away, and the Stormdark Archers let loose their venom arrows into the middle of the camp…

Great axe blaring, Drundok Mor watches as his men fall from venomous arrows, or die as they leap through the green fire…

“May the gods have mercy on our souls…” are his final words, before he too, is struck down by arrows.


PICTURE CREDIT – Chaos Warrior

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

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