Wolfjade (Chapter II) – True Criminal


by DarkJade


Chapter I

Do Not Underestimate The Elven People

Do Not Underestimate A Young Girl

Elven Chieftain Las-En

CHAPTER II – True Criminal




The great Breenun Hall is once again filled to the brim…

But this time, all are silent

The Six Sacred Judges Of The Breenun Hall Sit Waiting…

The Dark Haired Elven Sheedea presiding.

Below stands the Stormdark Knight, Wolfjade… War Criminal.

Serving as his Lawyer, is the youthful, recent law graduate, Aliazia of the Vernos Elves.

Dark hair… Intense eyes… Lite spirit.

Opposing her is Geono-Miaton, High Dwarf, of the 6th Dwarven Kingdom of Handros.

Strong… Aged, and wisend… Typically a Judge, made Lawyer for this case.

He will see Wolfjade hung, or worse.

“Ask your questions girl!” speaks Sheedea, from the Judge’s Balcony.

Aliazia steps forward, fumbling some scrolls a bit, and at last opening one, whilst facing Wolfjade.

His foreboding form, Armour or no, shaking her confidence, and making her uneasy.

“State your name…” she speaks.

He looks into her eyes, “I am Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark,” he speaks in a deep, rumbling, yet calm tone.

She drops her scroll.

“Sorry about that,” she picks it up.

“You and, your Legion of Archers, and Swordsmen, are charged with deaths exceeding 7,000 Dwarves, Humans and Elves… How do you plea?” she finishes timidly.

“I have killed these men, yes,” he replies.

“So then you plea… Guilty?” she asks.

“I have no guilt about it, no…” he plainly states.

With this, High Dwarf Geono-Miaton, the prosecution, jumps in, “NOT GUILTY?! NOT GUILTY?! YOUR HONORS…”

“Geono… Hold,” speaks Sheedea, from the Judge’s Balcony.

With this Geono huffs, then sits.

“So then… You plead… Innocent?” she asks.

There is a long silence, as the onlookers start to rumble slightly.

“You’ve had your time… It’s our time now,” he replies.

With this the onlookers start to yell and throw things down at Wolfjade.

Aliazia steps back, avoiding some, but not all of the thrown objects, until an ale mug strikes her on the side of the head, and she falls, unconscious.



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