Wolfjade (Chapter III) – Destined


by DarkJade

From Above I see a Wounded man

A man who Followed his heart

A man who Must let go

If She reaches out to him, it is as a Friend

There is light… And There is Blood

Beyond the ‘I’


Chapter I

Chapter II


“Awake young Aliazia… Awake”

Aliazia awakes in her room, with her uncle smiling down at her, whilst holding a cold cloth upon her head.

“Well hello there young one… It’s good to see you are ok,” speaks her uncle, a friendly looking Elf, also of the Vernos Clan.

Aliazia starts to sit up, but quickly places her hand on her head, and lays back down.

“Easy now Aliazia… You took quite a blow to the head,” he speaks in a calming voice.

“The hearing?” she says.

“Is over my child… Wolfjade will die in the morning,” he speaks with assurance.

“What!” she exclaims, and starts to sit up again, this time becoming dizzy…

“Whoah…” she says, and her uncle helps her lay back down.

“Is something wrong child? Justice has been served,” speaks her uncle, looking a bit perplexed at her reaction.

“What about a fair trial?” she questions.

“Well now… He gave that right away when he…” he begins to speak, “…well now… I best let High Dwarf Geono-Miaton speak to you… He’s waiting outside.”

With this her uncle opens the door, and High Dwarf Geono-Miaton steps in, two of his Elite Dwarven Guards at his side.

“Good to see you alive and well council…” he speaks, and pats her hand in a gesture of kindness…

Most unlike a Dwarf to do so to an ‘Elf’.

“Thank you council… But can you tell me… Why has the hearing ended so abruptly, without a fair trial?” she questions.

With this Geono looks at her uncle, then back at her.

“He killed that Dwarf that hit you with the tankard…” he speaks solemnly.

“What?!” she responds in shock.

“But how is that possible, he was chained–” she begins to say.

“In Ordruk Steel… Yes, I know my lady… Somehow he… And we as of yet still don’t know how… Broke his hand chains, hopped highly into the air, landing next to a Breenun Hall Guard, snatched his axe, and hurled it at the dwarf’s chest who had tossed the tankard…” Geono explains, hardly believing it himself as retells the tale.

Aliazia stares in shock.

“We’re not even sure how he knew which bloke threw it… But he did,” Geono finishes.


In the dark, Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark, sits alone…

With only a splinter of moonlight flashing against his piercing blue eyes, to keep him company.

Entering through a slight crack in the upper wall.


Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

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