Wolfjade (Chapter IV) – The Pact

normal_4206856 2Wolfjade

by DarkJade


Chapter I

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Chapter III

Release The Pain…

Release The Fear

Release The Things…

You Hold So… So… Dear



From the shadows of the hallway outside Wolfjade’s cell door, appears Aliazia…

The two Breenun Hall Dwarven Guards look at one another.

“Open the door…” she speaks as she approaches, a mock air of confidence surrounding her…

“Uh… We’re under strict orders to–” begins one of the guards.

“I am his council… Open the door…” she demands.

Recognizing her from the hearing, they do as she requests.

She steps into the darkness…

Wolfjade does not move, but rather stays seated against the back wall, chained.

“You killed that man…” she spoke with slight pain in her voice.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she concludes.

Wolfjade raises his dark blue eyes, seen still from the crack of moonlight that penetrates the chamber.

“Is that why you came… To lecture me girl,” he replies.

A silence passes…

“No…” she responds…

She then walks slowly towards him, and drops the keys to his chains on the floor….

…then begins to back slowly towards the door.

Once at the door, she opens it, and passes slowly by the two guards.

“What is it girl?!” one of the guards says, as he then turns to look inside the chamber, only to see Wolfjade standing there.

“Dear god…” he says…

The rest is blood.



Chapter V

Chapter VI

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Chapter VIII

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