Wolfjade (Chapter VI) – Out Of Mind


by DarkJade


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Aliazia lays in a queen size bed, bright blue eyes staring blankly at the ceiling

Aliazia’s uncle is in the doorway talking to High Dwarf Geono-Miaton

“She has not uttered a word since Wolfjade’s escape…” speaks her uncle

“I do not think her mind is right,” he concludes

“Mind right, or no, I want her out of Breenun Hall… And quickly, before I change my mind and hang her from the rafters…” huffs Geonno-Miaton, as he storms away




Wolfjade sits by Haro at a campfire

“Your men are not safe…” speaks Wolfjade

“Whatever can you mean my friend…” states Haro dismissively, as he pokes at the fire with a stick

“Trust me… What’s coming will leave nothing alive… I will part ways with you in the morning…” continues Wolfjade as he stands

“You speak madness…” replies Haro, still not taking what Wolfjade is saying all that seriously

“I am appreciative of what you have done for me…” Wolfjade says as he makes his way to his sleeping spot

“But even I will not be able to protect you if you stay…” and with this he leans up against one of the lush oasis trees…

“Disappear Haro…” are the last words that Wolfjade utters before passing out

“Madness…” speaks Haro under his breath… This time with a hint of worry in his voice


The next morning Wolfjade awakes to an abandoned camp

He stands and notes a lighter brown colored, fresh horse waiting for him tied to another tree by the oasis water

Fully supplied with all that he will need to last a week in the desert

He smiles slightly, “Haro…”

He mounts the horse, and rides off

Meanwhile off in the distance, some 200 feet or so, Haro watches…

…and follows Wolfjade out of detectable range



Within, Aliazia lays on one of the two benches, covered with a blanket… She is across from her Uncle

“I had to do it Uncle…” she explains

“”Rest now child… Let us put more distance between us, and Breenun Hall before you start any kind of ‘confessions’…” he says with a smile

With this she sits up, “Leave me here! I must face justice for what I’ve one…”

“Not a good idea… Nor is it a choice… Your father will have my head if I simply toss you to the wolves…” her Uncle replies

“But, it’s the law?” she rebuttals

“Not our law… The law of the Six Dwarven Kingdoms… And Breenum Hall,” he replies

“You think me not a murderer? A, traitor?” she speaks

With this he smiles again, “I hardly think so… You have a gift child… You have the innate ability of knowing what is wrong… And right…” he explains

“And between you and I, if they had ‘hung’ Wofjade, the wrath of all of Stormdark would surely have fallen hard upon the inhabitants of Breenum Hall… Leaving none alive,” he continues

“So wrong or right… What you have done has, though it cost several guards their lives, has likely saved the rest of Breenum Hall

With this she seems a bit relieved, but not much

“Now rest… Soon we shall home… Soon we shall be in Vernos…” finishes her Uncle, as he closes his eyes to sleep


PICTURE CREDIT – Dreamers Of The Darkness

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

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