Wolfjade (Chapter VIII) – The Emperor

fantasy art armor artwork warriors white hair 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.miscellaneoushi.com_9 2Wolfjade

by DarkJade

Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


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Early in the morning, Wolfjade is brought out of a post sleep daze, lying in his hammock, by a great cheer outside his tent

It is Emperor Lasate

Suddenly Wolfjade’s tent flap is opened by two Imperial Guards, and in comes Lasate

“Greetings great Knight…” speaks Lasate with a hand gesture towards Wolfjade

Wolfjade bows, “Emperor…”

Emperor Lasate is an older looking, greyish skinned man, with not so great teeth

But he wears lots of gold trinkets, and a thick white robe

Wolfjade sets a seat for the Emperor, as well as for himself, then there is silence

“Why so gloomy Wolfjade, your ifiltration into the Breenum Hall was a great success,” speaks Lasate

“Soon we shall tear them down foot to neck…” he finishes

“I do not think w should strike at Breenum Hall my Emperor…” speaks Wolfjade

“Oh…” with this the Emperor adjusts the sleeves of his robe, then looks up at Wolfjade blankly

“The Dwarves are arrogant… Foolish… We can remove them at any point we please…” explains Wolfjade

“I see…” replies the Emperor…

“CLAP!” suddenly with a clap of his hands, the Emperor summons in food…

Brought in by three beautiful woman…

All stealthily eying Wolfjade

The Emperor takes note of this… “I think they favor your younger, stronger form over mine…”

The Emperor laughs in a mischievous way

Wolfjade is unphased, and waves away the food

The Emperor is a bit bugged by this

“CLAP!” he clamps hands again for them to leave, not taking anything more than a few grapes himself

“What then Wolfjade… The Elves?” inquires Lasate

“The Human?” he continues

“I think that is time to bring on some allies…” Wolfjade replies

“Allies… Interesting…” the Emperor responds

“They know what we’re doing now… We no longer have the element of surprise as they battle the Orcish Tribes…” Wolfjade explains

“We need allies…” he finishes

“Who the… The Orcs?” questions the Emperor

“No… The Tokra…” replies Wolfjade

The Emperor is silent at first, then, “The Giants of Light… I see”

“There power is… Well… And the fear that they cast… I feel this is the right move… With your blessing that is,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor stands, “You have my blessing Good Knight…”

“And I feel you should leave in the morning my Emperor… This is not the safest of time for you to be vulnerable,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor nods, “We shall, as you say, leave in the morning…” replies the Emperor, who then leaves the tent


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