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lawrenceofarabia_44Alive And Well

After an Unplanned Semi-Hiatus

I have Returned

I Died Once CoverI am currently working on Transforming “I Died Once” into a Screenplay

And Will be Re-Marketing The Novella (Click To Purchase) Itself

Currently it is Available on ($1.99 EBook, $4.99 Print), as well as my Local Bookstore


silenceMady’s Storm

The Image Above will be used for the Cover of My Sequel to “I Died Once”

Called “Mady’s Storm”

The First Draft of “Mady’s Storm” has basically been Written

And Awaits Pre-Editing, which I hope to do soon

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and Wonder“Winter, Lust, And Wonder”

My Poetry Book, available to Download on for $.99

“Winter, Lust, And Wonder” @

It’s also Available in Print for $4.75 in the Cover Above (2nd Edition)

But I Shall be Coming up with a New 3rd Edition Cover Soon

Chess with Agatha C 2“Chess With Agatha”

“Chess With Agatha”, my First Fantasy…

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