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Check Out the About Page on My New Site/Blog DJ-

Jade Dark Film Soundscapes

This Theme doesn’t Show The About Page… But I really Like the Theme, so I’m going to work around it

Most Likely I’ll place a Link to the About Page at the Bottom of the Posts… Perhaps

Here’s the Link To It About Jade Dark

And Here’s What it Looks Like

About Jade Dark

JamesJade Dark (James Mahoney) is a Filmmaker, Writer, Music Weaver…

My Dream to be a Filmmaker Came to Life after seeing the First Two “Star Wars” Films, in 1977, and 1980.

In 1998-1999, I started My First Emotional Rock Band (Bloom), and a Second Band in 2000-2001 (Vanish)

In 2000, I began my pursuit of Film Making, which ran through 2003

This Included Hundreds of Hours of Experimental Film Making, a First Draft of a Full Length Feature Film Screenplay, and at last a Short Film which I got into a Film Festival in New York

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