Dark Angel


by DarkJade

“You Can Not Help Her…”

“Our Time Has Come…”

“She Needs To Figure This Out For Herself…”

“And Passed…”

If I Can Not Protect Her

Then I Will Be With Her

If I Can Not Guide Her

Then I Will Know Her




A young, dark haired girl sits Indian Style on a bench, with a notebook in her lap…

Her arms are over her head, as she rocks herself

On the pages of her notebook, are words, half poems, horrific drawings, and ink smears where her tears have fallen

In the distance, three girls notice her

Jessy, Elizabeth and Stacey

All fairly popular girls

“What’s wrong with her…” says Jessy…

“Maybe we should try and talk to her,” speaks Stacey

“No… Leave her alone,” says Elizabeth, who indicates they should move on, and stop staring

“So Many Thoughts…”

“Too Many Thoughts…”

“Too Much Responsibility”

The girl known as Tenshi thinks to herself, as she continues to rock herself, her arms still over her head



Tensh is 18 now, and is in college

Carrying many books, she thinks to herself

“Maybe If I Just Learn…”

“Learn… Learn… Learn”

“Hello Tenshi,” speaks a guy’s voice from behind her

She turns to see Greg Norman

She half smiles, nods, and continues on her way

He is shocked that she did not stay and flirt with him

“No Time… No Time”

Tenshi enters her room, and opens her computer

Flipping through earth events on the screen

“Too Much Wrong…”

“Too Much To Fix”

She closes her computer, and falls back onto her bed, staring up at the ceiling… Beyond the ceiling

“I Can’t Do This…”

“I Can’t Change The World”

“It’s Too Much”


Tenshi is working at a coffee house…

Wiping the counter

She is lost in thought

“Water Is So Clear…”

“So Very Clear”

She thinks as she watches the droplets of water on the counter sparkle from the sunlight coming in through the window

“Why is your name Tenshi, if you’re not Japanese?” suddenly speaks a voice at the counter

Tenshi looks up at a Japanese guy in his twenties

He is with two other not Japanese friends

Tenshi doesn’t answer


Tenshi is drawing in a notebook, but isn’t happy with the results

“I could never draw…” comes a voice from a two tables over

Tenshi looks over to see a man in his thirties or forties reading a newspaper

She can not see his face

She continues to draw

“No Time… No Time”

“There’s always time for life…” speaks the voice

Tenshi freezes

“Did That Guy Just Read My Thoughts?”

She looks back, but the guy is gone…

She sees him from behind as he leaves the shop

That’s when she notices a black business card left on his table

She steps over and picks it up… “IF YOU FIND TIME” it says in white writing

And the number (777) 777-7777, and the name Akero

“Akero… Ok, that was creepy”

She leaves the card, and goes back to work



Tenshi wakes up screaming and sweating


She makes her way to the kitchen, opens the fridge, an pours herself some soy milk

She sits down at her table which is in the kitchen, and opens up her notebook

She begins to draw an Angel

It comes out lovely… Not sellable… But nice

“I Can’t Wait Anymore…”

“Working At A Coffee House Isn’t Helping The World”

“I’m A 23 Year Old Woman…”

“And I Know What I’m Meant To Do”

“I Just Don’t Know How I’m Supposed To Do It”

Tenshi looks down at her picture of the Angel, and notices that she’s written the number 7 over and over again, circling the Angel with them…


“I’m not calling some stranger dude at 3am in the morning to discuss the meaning of life…”


Tenshi is laying on her back in bed, holding her cell phone above her

Typed into it are the numbers (777) 777-7777

Her thumb, which has chipped white nail polish on it, is grazing over the call button

“This is crazy…” she sets the phone down on a small table by her bed, leaving the numbers typed in it


Tenshi wakes screaming again…


She is sweating again, wraps her arms around her legs, and starts to cry

At some point she looks over at her phone…


She receives a text…

She  is scared… But picks up the phone anyway

There is only one word



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