Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced

May The Force Be With Them… DJ-

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10271548_736620193056251_5192269333816421968_nStar Wars Episode VII Cast Announced

“Star Wars”, and “The Empire Strikes Back” are the the reasons that I wanted to be a Filmmaker… And though I haven’t been Following much in regards to the New Films that are coming, I was very happy that Disney Bought the Rights to the Franchise… Because I feel it should continue on, with or without George, even though he is still involved… That said, I’m very Excited to see this Announcement, and seeing it just… Well… There it is. The fact is, two of my All Time Heroes are Walt Disney, and George Lucas… And so I am happy with this, like I say. Truth be known, I wish it was My Brother and I making these Films, but I wasn’t quite able to make that happen, Lol May the Force be with everyone involved in the Films, and all of the New…

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2 Responses to “Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced”

  1. I love that Disney & Lucas are your heroes.
    Though I wish you and your brother were making this too; I dare say you’d create something deliciously original :3

    • Thank you so much Anna… We had a really rich, creative childhood… We didn’t have a lot of money, but our mom gave us an allowance, and also worked at the largest Toy Store Chain in the states… So we always knew when the latest action figures came in…

      I would have Written, Directed, maybe Edited and Produced Films if we made any together… I did involve him in my Short Film, which I believe you saw… And I would have had him do Cinematography, maybe Assist Direct, maybe brainstorm with me on Story Concepts… And possibly Act… As he’s really the Actor of the two of us.

      But you’re right… We would have been Extremely Original with the New Star Wars… I do like Abrams, the guy who is Directing the New Films… He did the New Star Treks… But… My Brother and I had an Extremely Vast Amount of Story Creating when we played Action Figures… Story, and Characters were our thing… As opposed to just killing one another.

      Coming from you, this is a high praise


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