Night Of Blood

anime-boy-vampire-jpgNight Of Blood

by DarkJade

Chapter I – Heart Eclipse

You Shouldn’t Let Her Affect You This Way…

She Is One Woman… And There Are So Many

Especially, For An Immotal

Nathaniel Barok, of the Vampire Clan Barok, sits atop a cliff looking over the crashing waves of the sea below…

The night is pitch… And a Storm is coming


Within the bedroom chamber of Boris Heston the III, Mariah, her long dark black hair down her back… Her night clothes drop from her flawless, fare skin… Her lips, red, her breath is cold…

She approaches Boris’s bed, as he lays there half drunk…

“You are fantastic…” he speaks slurring…

She half grins, as her dark eyes go black, then red…

Boris Heston is never seen again.


A young girl, Layla, just 22 years of age, makes her way home through the cold mist of the night…

She pulls her long coat closely… Though she is poor, she has one good coat, and it is needed on this night.

Many boys, and men whistle and try to get her attention as she passes by… They can not see her form, but still they seem to know that she is very attractive…

Attractive… And miserable.

She arrives at her flat, climbs two levels of stairs, turns the key and enters her place.

She throws her jacket on the floor, and heads into the restroom.

Looking in the mirror, her eyes are bloodshot from crying…

But for what reason, she doesn’t even know…

All she knows is her world… Her inner world… Is crumbling

And she just doesn’t have much left to give.

She opens the medicine cabinet, and stares at all the bottles of mood control pills.

She’s been diagnosed with so many things, she’s lost count.

She grabs five bottles, and heads to her roof… Leaving her jacket inside, she is cold.

But she doesn’t feel it…

As she glares over the city lights, she thinks of her mother who has passed… And her father that she never knew.

No brothers… No sisters… No cousins… No uncles or aunts.

She is alone.

“You’re pathetic…” she says to herself, as she begins to open several of the bottles, and pours some thirty to forty pills into her trembling hand…

“And now you’re gone.”



Suddenly a cold wind seems to blow harshly against the front of her body, and all of the pills blow out of her hand, and down a nearby drain.

“You Don’t Know What You Have… Do You,” speaks an unsettling voice from behind her.

Her breath starts to quicken.

“Go ahead and mug me… I’m dead anyway,” she speaks.

Suddenly a cool hand rests on her shoulder, and she turns to face the most attractive man she’s ever seen…

Dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and skin like no other… It is Nathanieal Barok.

But she does not know this man.

And in truth… He is no man.

“I’ll Tell You What… You Tell Me Your Woes… And I’ll Tell You Why They Don’t Really Exist,” he speaks.

She pulls away, which surprises him…

“I Did Not Release Her… Who Is This Girl”

“Just leave me to it buddy… I don’t need Psyche 101 from some guy on a roof at 3am in the morning…” she speaks as she turns and eyes the ledge of the roof.

“It’s 4am…” he replies as he moves at her too quickly for words, snatches the bottles from her seamlessly, and tosses them off the roof.

She begins to tear up, and makes a move towards leaping off the roof, but he is too quick…

The rest is black.

Layla wakes the next morning in her bed…

The sun is shining… And her coat is hung up.



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