by DarkJade

Three men sit in a dark alleyway, covering themselves with ripped boxes, trying their best to survive 30 degree whether…

One passes another a bottle of whiskey

“So they all have one, eh…” speaks the first man, a fairly Hispanic looking fellow

“That’s what they say… But it doesn’t really matter… It’s not like you’re ever going to see one… Or one of them for that matter…” speaks the second, Caucasian man disgruntly…

“I’ve seen one…” speaks the third, black man as he naws on a piece of beef jerky, as if it’s the only food he’s eaten all day… And in fact, it is

“What are you talken about Felix,” speaks Samuel

“Bright golden yellow…” Felix continues, as his gaze looks into the nothingness of his own private abyss

He then awakens from this trance and looks at Samuel, and Harvey

Samuel and Harvey look to be in their mid to late 30’s, and Felix in his mid twenties

“He took out four cops…” Felix continues emotionlessly

“What? He was a criminal?” questions Harvey as he finished their whiskey, and hangs it upside down for good measure

“No..” Felix replies, kind of chuckling to himself and smiling

“That he was not…” he finishes

“Lets get out of here…” Samuel suddenly says, and rises, shedding the broken boxes from around him…

He is now more freezing than before

The other men join him

“Lets see if we can’t drum up some ‘Soup Sympathy’ near the diner” continues Samuel as he pulls his worn coat tightly around him

Just as the three men are about to surface onto the nearby sidewalk, a red glowing light fills the alleyway… Like a star

Felix suddenly stops, and looks back, his bright blue eyes see only darkness…

He then catches up with the other two





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