The Knives Were Plunged In Deeply…

Oh So Deeply

Four Of Them To Be Exact

He Hates That He Had To Bring This Pain…

But If He Hadn’t…

They Would Still Stand

Some Call Him Evil…

They Fear Him

Far From Light

Their Children Will Hunt Him Down

But They Will Wish…

They Hadn’t



7 Responses to “Shade”

  1. Interesting juxtaposition of the picture with the poem: one so colorful and bright; the other so dark and morose.

    • Yeah that contrast was intended…

      In truth, the character who slayed the other is in fact a good guy character… Who had killed a killer… But that fact is not given… Only the picture hints at it

      The ones that would hunt him down would in fact be the children of the villain that was slain… So it was/is a play on things… This and a couple others that i’ve done lately are all related to one story… But that is not known yet

      Thanks Lorna


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