Octo – 8 Paladins

paladin_by_mhazaru-d5z3q7mOcto – 8 Paladins

by DarkJade

Legend Tells of 8 Divine Paladins… Put Upon This Realm To Protect It From Itself, And Those That Sought To Harm It, And Its’ People

But After Four Hundred Years Of Defending It, The Paladin, ‘Risk’, Lost Heart… And The Others Would Surely Follow

For Without This Eighth Paladin, The Balance Of Octo Could Not Hold…


The Paladins; Octo

Shade – The Grey Paladin


Omen – The Black And White Paladin

Legend – The Green Paladin

Cada (Flare) – The Yellow/Gold Paladin

Risk (Rencor) – The Red Paladin


Tragedy – The Black Paladin

Felix – The Blue Paladin

Blue Paladin

Valiant – The Purple Paladin


Fate – The Orange Paladin


Octo Page


PICTURE CREDIT – Paladin by Mhazaru


3 Responses to “Octo – 8 Paladins”

  1. I love how this was all put together. Very strong story!!

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