She Is Wise

And Strums You So

Through Dark Sheets Watching, His Movements Slow

Once Intwined, She Warms Your Thoughts

And Brings You Home, Where Rules Are Bought

And Though He Follows, On Legs Of Tin

What He Finds, Does Cut Within

A Hush Does Fall, As Histories Watch

As Souls Are Chosen, Like Helpless Dots

We Are One Kind, Not Multi Lotts

Kept At Night, Chained And Locked

One Large Table, Will Suit Us All

Crack Open Shells, Release The Call

The Done Shall Cheer, And Run, And Shout

No More Secrets, The Truth Is Out

Storm The Streets, Bearing Shine

Once Thought Less, Now Devine

From Highest Mountain, To Smallest Tree

Between Our Ears, Our Destiny




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