My “I Died Once” Novella – 3rd Edition (Altered Cover Color)

My “I Died Once” Novella – 3rd Edition (Altered Cover Color)

Soon I will be Self-Publishing My 3rd Edition “I Died Once” Novella, and thought I’d share with you a couple possible Covers

But First, here’s the Original (Current)

(Front And Back)

Cover C1This Second One is something My Co-Designer sent me, where we’ve just changed the color of the back cover, and Tinted the Front Cover a bit

I Died Once Cover - BlueAnd Finally what stemmed this idea, though I’ve always liked changing things up once in a while like I did with my Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”‘s Black Cover, is the Cover Alterations I’d Like To See

(This Is Just The Original Art Altered, The Actual Cover Will Of Course Have The Title, And A Back Cover Which Will Likely Be A Blue Color)

I Died Once Alternate Color 2I just love the color alteration above… Which I believe was a fluke, as I was looking at some files in my DropBox, and one of the covers took on this color… But when you open the actual file, it looks like the Original Version

Very Strange, but I’ve gone ahead and asked both my Co-Cover Designer, as well as the Original Drawing Artist Herself, if they’d be able to alter the image so that it looks like that

We Shall See

The New 3rd Edition of “I Died Once” will be $5.95 if you’re interested in Pre-Ordering (Though The Final Cover Is Yet To Be Determined), Plus Shipping

The Original Copies of the 3rd Edition Will Be Signed By Me As Well

If You’re Interested in Pre-Ordering you can E-mail Me at

I shall keep all of you updated as the New Cover Develops



3 Responses to “My “I Died Once” Novella – 3rd Edition (Altered Cover Color)”

  1. Reblogged this on Legendary Post and commented:

    Working on my New “I Died Once” 3rd Edition Cover DarkJade-

  2. 3rd edition, eh? What prompted tha? I like the more vivid color version for what it is worth. 🙂 good luck with the book.

    • Mainly because not enough people have read it… This is a Story that I want a lot more people to read… And I feel it’s good to do more than just push the Original Book over and over… Also, it’s an Artist Thing… I like to Change/Try different things, but mainly like I say, I want more people to read it, but at the same time want to give it a Fresh Beginning so to speak… Part of the idea may stem from Comic Book Collecting/Reading in the Past… They often brought out New Editions of Older Work… Collectors love that, and from a business stand point, it refreshes the product, and potentially creates new sales… It’s a blend of things really, but I came across this Image, and it inspired me to Republish it… I had considered doing it at some point anyway, but this different colored Image was what truly inspired me… Believe it or not, it’s been 2 years since I Self-Published the Original… Time to share it with New People, as well as people that may have read it that are ‘Collectors’, and may enjoy the idea

      Thanks for your Comment Lorna


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