Octo – Shadows


by DarkJade

For Without This Eighth Paladin, The Balance Of Octo Could Not Hold…

Blue Paladin





Octo – 8 Paladins

Octo – Fallen



Felix stood before Risk in ah, in the middle of the little, busy bar.

“We have not met Risk… But I know of you… I am Felix, the Blue Paladin… The 8th Paladin of Octo,” spoke Felix in somewhat desperation.

Risk did not face him, and instead took a large swig out of one of the bottles of red wine before him.

“You shouldn’t have come here…” he then replied remorsly.

“It is my duty to protect this realm… It is your duty too… Now wake from this fogged daze knight, and rise once again to your responsibilities!” spoke Felix with great conviction.

Risk took great pause before answering, as the bar sounds on a Friday night continue to get louder and louder.

“There are shadows…” he then replied emotionless.

With this Felix takes a step towards him, “Of course there are shadows, and we all must face them as they arise inside us… But we have each other… We’ve always had each other,” he pleas.

With this Risk turns to face Felix from his bar stool… “No,” he then lifts his great mace and points it at one of the corners of the bar behind Felix… “There… Are shadows.”

With this Felix begins to sweat, as he slowly turns to look behind him and is a feared at what he sees.

In one of the corners of the bar can be seen the shifting shadow of what appears to be some sort of shadow demon sprawled up near the ceiling, watching the two Paladins.

“Good lord…” with this, Felix quickly reaches for his sword, which is not there…

And the shadow strikes!


PICTURE CREDIT – The Black Knight


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