White Jade – YouTube Video Project (Legends Productions)

UntitledWhite Jade Cover Book 1So as some of you may know, I’ve Created a YouTube Video Production Company (aka Blog, YouTube Chanell, And Intent), called Legends Productions (Blog & YouTube Channel)

mutitudeSo far I’ve Produced Two Videos, The First is a Brilliant Poem (Inside Freedom) Read By The Writer, in which we worked together to Create the Video (My Production, Along With Her Input).

And the 2nd being a Part 1/Episode 1 of my New Video Series, Called I, Filmmaker, where in this first Episode I give Commentary to the first 1/3 of the Original Star Wars Film… Sadly, Copyrights would not allow this Video to be Viewable on YouTube.

Neither of these Videos have been Uploaded to this New Legends Productions YouTube Channel, however they can be found on my and her personal YouTube Channels. (Hers is viewable, mine is not)

Page 1My Newest Undertaking, which will be a long, and lofty one, is Producing My Written For Film Screenplay, White Jade, into a multi-part YouTube Video.

As many of you may know, White Jade was a Screenplay that I Originally Wrote the First Draft of back in 2002, right about the time I Wrote/Directed/Produced My Short Film, “If Not Now…“.

Then in 2003-04, I picked it up again, and poured hundreds of hours into Editing it. It was at the 19th Edit that I then started to submit Query Letters to Screenplay Agents, in hopes to get the Screenplay Read, and/or Represented.

To No Avail..

Scene 1 of 4 NayokoAnd so I sat it down again…

Until 2006-2007, when I hired a Student Comic Book Artist by the name of Del Borovic, to do some Scenes From the Screenplay, which I planned on using should the opportunity arise to Pitch The Script… What I called, Eye Candy.

Page 2I was so impressed by these images, that I then decided to Convert White Jade into a Comic Book, and Rehired Del to Draw Me The First 8 Pages Of White Jade In Comic Form.

I Loved Them.

It was at this point that I then Submitted the 8 Pages, plus the Cover of Issue One, to two or three different Comic Book Companies…Page 3

Once again, to no avail.

And so I sat White Jade down again.

In 2011 I began this Blog, and later on created the White Jade Blog

which basically has all of the Comic Pages, as well as info. on the Artist, and Myself.

But I didn’t do much with that site.

And then in 2012, when I Self Published My First Book (Winter, Lust, And Wonder), I also decided to Self Publish the 8 Comic Pages of White Jade into a Partial Comic Book (These Are Orderable for $3.95+Shipping).

And between then and now, I’ve sent out some more Query Letters to Screenplay Agents, but none replied.

Which leads me to where I am now.

The reason I’ve never let White Jade drop is because I really like the story… Not only that, I Wrote a First Draft of the 2nd Film, in what is designed to be a 3 Film Series.

It is at this point that I’ve decided to potentially pursue Producing White Jade into a YouTube Multi Part Video.

It will, like I say, be a long term project, but my hope is to begin shooting some Initial Scenes for it in the not to distant future.

One of the ways I may Finance the Project would be through a KickStarter Project, which I had success with on my Novella Editing Project back in later 2012, but this Project will potentially cost much more.

If you are interested in this Project, Keep your Eyes Open for Posts about it on both this Blog, as well as the Legends Productions Blog.

And if I decide to indeed do a KickStarter Project for it, I will definitely keep all of you informed.

Thanks for Reading

And Thanks for Your Interest*

*Be Sure To Follow The Legends Productions Blog, As Well As The Legends Productions YouTube Channel


Here’s a couple White Jade Videos I Did using Shots of the Comic Pages, Put to Music, a couple years back

Part 1

Part 2


5 Responses to “White Jade – YouTube Video Project (Legends Productions)”

  1. Busy, busy, busy! This is what you wanted to do all along, right?

    • Originally I Wrote “White Jade” with the idea of selling the screenplay, and using the money to finance my own film projects… As time has gone by, what I’ve wanted from it has changed… From selling the screenplay, to making it into a comic book, to trying to sell it again as a screenplay, and now to possibly producing it myself as a multi-part series of videos on youtube

      What I’ve really wanted for it most of all, is for the story to reach audiences in one form or another


      • I’ve heard You Tube short series are all the rage now. So there you go! 🙂

        • Timing is everything, or so they say

          It was the same thing with Writing for me, Self-Publishing became huge, which is why I even bothered to Publish anything… I don’t have the patience nor the inclination to pursue Publishers for my Writing… At least I didn’t… I have more patience about all of it now

          Thanks Lorna


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