Legends Productions – “White Jade” – Pre-Production – Take One

LP WJ Pre-Production 2Legends Productions – “White Jade” – Pre-Production – Take One

Day 1

So the first thing that I started to do in Pre-Production, was to figure out what I would need to Produce the First Scenes of “White Jade”.

A) A New Video Camera

CameraA Video Camera came first to mind. I own a $4-500 Digital Video Camera which is ok, but I really feel it’s not going to cut if I want to raise my game in regards to Video Productions.

The first ones I looked at ran from $2,000, to $3,000… Yeah, they’re not cheap.

But this one above is on sale for $899.

So this is the First Amount that I would put into my Kickstarter Budget.

The Kickstarter Budget will include a List Of Costs associated with the portion of scenes I intend to film first with my funding from the Kickstarter Project.

kickstarterKickestarter Project;

I will be generating a Kickstarter Project in order to fund the initial Production Costs of the “White Jade” YouTube Video Project. Included in these costs will be my ‘Production Costs’, as well as the Costs associated with the ‘Rewards’ the Contributors will be receiving… Such as DVD Copies of the Filmed Scenes, Copies of my 8 Page “White Jade” Partial Comic Book, and whatever other cool things I can come up with.

B) Boom Mic

BoomA Boom Mic. Generally you don’t want to rely on the Built In Video Mic for your Video Production. Depending on the set up, I found some running from $59-$179.

So $179 will go into the Kickstarter Budget, allowing for the Maximum Cost.

Running Kickstarter Budget Total = $1,078

C) Lights

LightsLights. The price can vary here too, but I believe this one ran around $59.

Running Kickstarter Budget Total = $1,137

As  you can see, Costs can add up pretty quickly in production.

However, these three items are really more of Legends Productions long term investments, and will be used for many productions to come, above, and beyond the “White Jade” Video Project.

Some Additional Costs;

  • Travel (Related to Cast And Crew) = $400
  • Food (To Feed Cast And Crew While Onset) = $100
  • Wardrobe (For Initial Scenes) = $150-300
  • Makeup = $40

Running Kickstarter Budget Total = $1,977

As the Production Costs grow, so does the Kickstarter Budget.

Generally the Rewards associated to Kickstarter Projects, or at least in my minimal experience, double the Kickstarter Budget. If this runs true, then we’re already looking at $3,900+. But I’ll have to see if the Rewards portion actually tack on that much, it’s been a while since I did my Book Editing Kickstarter Project, back in 2012.

Day 2

book-editors3On Day 2 of Pre-Production, I decided I really needed to buckle down and try to determine 1) How Long Each Portion Of The “White Jade” Video Is Going To Be (Meaning It’s about a 124 Page Script, which in Film (Or Video In This Case) = 124 Minutes. Originally I figured I’d do 3 Videos, each around 40 Minutes Long. But now I’m reconsidering. I believe I will instead break them down into around 15 Minute Videos. This will make “White Jade” a 12 Part Video Series.) And 2) How Much The First 15 Pages Of Script Translates Into In Regards To Cost.

And so I printed out a copy of my “White Jade” Script, and started to highlight the sections of scenes.

Page 7The really inexpensive scenes will be the ‘Red Light Room’ Scenes.

Why? Because I can basically film them in my living room (Once The Room Is Set Up Right), with Red Lights Set Up, and two actors.

Sadly I determined that The Red Light Room Scenes represent around 4 or 5 Pages of the first 15 Pages of the Script.

And here’s where the Budget starts to jump again…

Day 3

LP WJ Blue Samurai ArmourSo as I’m breezing through the Script, I’m like oh no, Samurai Armour, Lol

Let me break by saying this, first of all, when you’re doing an Independent Film/Video Project, some say, don’t do a ‘Sci-Fi’, Lol

Why? Costs.

But in this case I’m not just doing a Film/Video that takes place in the future, this story also incorporates elements of the past…

And so… Samurai Armour.

And, it gets worse, Lol

In the first 15 Pages there is not only a Samurai, but a Hand To Hand/Sword Fight between the Samurai, and our Lead Character Nayoko.

The only thing that chilled me out during working on the Costs, is the wise words of someone I hold very dearly, who had suggested that I think of “White Jade” as a 5 Year Project.

Granted, I hope to Film the First Scenes of “White Jade” in the next 3 to 12 Months, but still thinking of it as a long term project, did help.

Page 5Now don’t get me wrong, I love Samurai Armour (This Blue Armour Pictured Runs Around $2,500), but the expense, coupled with the need to incorporate it into actual Combat Scenes, makes it a bit Costly, and Challenging.

Yes, the initial Armour that I found ran from around $2-$3,000 Each.

LP WJ Red Samurai ArmourIf I needed just one piece, that would be a bit less daunting… But, I need one for the Character Aki (Depicted In The Comic Scene), as well as… Well… I don’t want to give away too much of the Story… But lets just say, I will need some Red Armour as well. (This One Ran Around $2,900)

But, you’re not dealing with someone whose just going to latch onto the first Products he finds…

And so I searched on, until I found some Armour that Cost $2-$300… And I’m like, what’s the catch?

And the catch is, the Armour may be $2-$300, but the Freight is about $500. (They Come From China)

And me not being too familiar with International Freight Costs, wasn’t sure if they actually cost that much to Ship, or if this is just the Manufacturer’s way of Capturing More Cost.

LP WJ Red Samurai Armour 2Either way, in just a half an hour or so, I was able to potentially cut the cost of a suit of Samurai Armor, from $2-$3,000, to $7-$800. (This Armour Above Is $700 With Shipping)

The Manufacturor of the less expensive Armour also offers a discount on Shipping when you order more than one… So the overall costs should go down.

But I have much more research to do.*

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Thanks For Your Interest, And Support



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