One Knight (Chapter One) – Homecoming

One Knight (Chapter One) – Homecoming


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011)

CHAPTER ONE; Homecoming

As the Knights of Maelem entered the city walls, they were greeted by wives, family and friends.

Tyrion, who lived inside the castle walls with his wife of one year, Jade, waved and nodded to the people of Maelem, but inside he ached to see her.

As he reached the castle he dismounted from his dark chestnut steed, Kalos, removed his great gauntlets, and handed them to his squire, Enre.

Making his way down the great hall, the knights on guard would nod, and he in turn would glance their way and acknowledge them. Tyrion himself was a good sized man, six feet three in height, weighing perhaps in the two hundred twenty pound range, he was strong, and walked with a great deal of confidence. His Eyes dark blue, and hair a medium length, fairly wavy and dark brown in color.

Inside the Royal Chamber, King Maelem sits upon his throne clutching with an old and weathered hand the glowing blue crystal attached to a silver chain around his neck.

“We did not need you after all my sweet…” he mumbled. The Kings Royal Guard acted as though they did not notice, but they did. When Tyrion at last entered through the Royal Chambers great doors, the King tucked the necklace underneath his shirt, and motioned for his guard to leave, and so they did. Tyrion went to bow, but King Maelem stood and grabbed both of Tyrion’s arms instead.

“You should be with your young wife my son…” he smiled at Tyrion.

“It’s good to see you my King…”

“As it is to see you…”. “Now make your way to your wife, we shall talk more tomorrow night at the celebration… As I have much to say”.

With this Tyrion nods, turns and goes.

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