One Knight (Chapter Two) – A New Home

One Knight (Chapter Two) – A New Home


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011)


Chapter One

CHAPTER TWO (Part One); A New Home

Far to the North East of Maelem, in the Keep of Hamke

Baron Braug sits upon his thrown, the room glowing amber with the light of his great fire… Baron Braug is a large man, perhaps six foot four, weighing close to two hundred and forty pounds… Upon his face is a blond, red, grizzled beard… His eyes a light brown. He isn’t all that handsome to look at, but he’s never short on maidens. If they wish to live that is.

Suddenly a thin, sharply bearded fellow, dressed in all black, flings into the room, and to his lords side, with much expediency. In his trembling hands, a scroll… But he does not speak.

“Speak…” issues the Baron.

“It is not good news my lord, as Maelem’s Armies, lead of course by Sir Tyrian, have defeated the last stand of Lord Brirocks Northern Army…”

“Hmm…” the lord mustard.

“The Great Wars are over my lord… We are… Defeated”.

Lord Braug stands and snatches the scroll from Ryme, his Advisor’s, hands.

He hands it back to him and stolls infront of the Great Fire Place. Oh how the fire roared.

“Fetch my sons…”. Ryme quickly departs.

“So be it…”

The next day is bright, and beautiful, especially in the depths of the Corian Forest, just outside Maelem’s city walls…

Where a girl, some twenty three years in age, with long red hair, and startling green eyes, stands blind folded in a patch of open wood surrounded by trees, with a short bow, fully drawn, in her hands.

“Throw it…” she says with a slight smile.

Behind her stands Tyrion, also with a bow at his side, this one a Long Bow. In his hand he holds several small stones.

“As you wish fare Jade…” with this, he throws one of the stones at a distant tree “SMACK!”, and as soon as it hits Jade turns and releases “THUUUM”.

“THUNGG!!” the arrow strikes the tree quite closely to where the stone hit.

“Another!” she says gleefully, as Tyrion obliges her.

“SMACK!” “THUNGG!!” she does it again. This goes on for several minutes.

“You are quite good my lady…” Tyrion touches Jade’s shoulder.

“You have no idea…” she playfully replies.

Suddenly there is a “CRACKK” in the distance, and all seems to slow down, as Jade turns and draws back her bow…

It is a deer…

Still blindfolded, “THUUUM” she releases.

The shaft shoots through the air, and just as it is about to strike the deer, another arrow strikes the first, and snaps it “SNAP!”, both fall to the ground.

Jade tears the blindfold off only to see the deer run off, then looks back at Tyrion whose bow is drawn, as he has just shot.

“Gasp” tears come to Jade’s eyes. “It’s okay Jade… It got away…” with this she falls into Tyrions arms. “I’m so glad you’re home”.


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